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Why choose fitness boot camps?

Why choose fitness boot camps?

access_time January 12, 2016

Staying in shape is probably one of the most challenging tasks people have. Most of them resort to all sorts

Which sports cause the biggest knee problems?

Which sports cause the biggest knee problems?

access_time June 4, 2015

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Are you an athlete? Make sure you get enough calcium

Are you an athlete? Make sure you get enough calcium

access_time October 6, 2016

Calcium is not only the most common minerals in the body, but also one of the most important ones. It


Tips to win a gold medal at Commonwealth games

access_time September 15, 2016
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From the beginning, you should know that there are two types of athletes, the ones that are really good on what they do, and who compete at international level, and the ones whose skills are good for taking part to local contests. So, you have to decide what side you want to be, because if your target is to participate to the Gold Coast Commonwealth games, then you have to be prepared, because a long and interesting road is before you. Hard work is the single thing that separates amateurs from athletes, so if you want to become one, you have to do more than just being a great sportsman. You have to train not only your body, but also your attitude and mind. A healthy lifestyle, combined with good practice habits and a good mindset are the key of achieving success in this domain, and it is the only option you have, if you want to become the very best.

Get help from a coach

Athletes always know their physical skills and body very well, but sometimes they need an outside perspective when it comes to training. A coach is the person you should work with, to help you stay focused and achieve the goals you have in mind. In addition, they have experience and knowledge on how they could help you improve your skills if you fall short. They are experts who would come up with an exercise plan for you, according to your needs, and your only concern would be to maintain your health and show up to the training sessions.

Make training your top priority

If you want to be able to compete in Commonwealth games, and win a gold medal, you have to see sport as your full-time job. Most of the athletes do not see training a top priority, they consider it just a part of the process. You should include exercising sessions in your calendar, and you should not skip any of the appointments you have with the coach. A regular routine not only that would improve your performance, but at a point you would start seeing training as an essential part of your daily life.

Design your individual program

If you want to become a pro-athlete, you have to focus on improving your weaknesses. You can practice together with the other athletes from your region, but an important part of the process is to make time to work on your particular weaknesses and improve your skills. Also, if you mix up activities in your routine you would improve your performance in time. It is advisable to ask for the coach recommendations on how you can improve your specific weaknesses, because they know what exercises you should focus on.

Set your goals

When you start exercising, you have to have your goals set, both on short and long term. Part of becoming a great athlete is to have the ability to set realistic goals, and actually achieve them. Make sure to include both habit goals and performance goals on your list.

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