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History of Tennis

History of Tennis

access_time December 17, 2012

The history of tennis is long and intricate; while its roots stem in 12th century France in the palm game known as jeu de paume, tennis as we know it today was perfected in 18th and 19th century England.

Professional tips for making the most out of your golf rangefinder

Professional tips for making the most out of your golf rangefinder

access_time March 16, 2015

About two decades ago, only a professional golfer could afford using a golf rangefinder, not because they were too difficult

How to hit a baseball

How to hit a baseball

access_time September 11, 2013

Every batter should know how to hit a baseball consistently and there are some important things you need to know about the kind of bat you should have in your hands, the way you should keep the bat to your hands and the strategy you should adopt in the positioning of your body.


Tips for becoming a great golfer

access_time December 30, 2016
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Golf is such a great game! Intense and providing many health benefits, stimulating the problem solving skills and the production of serotonin (that happiness hormone we all love), golfers can now Play More Golf, since some agencies offer great packs and discounts for their clients. If you love playing, but you aren’t quite a master, below you can find some tips for becoming a great golfer!

1. Golf clubs play a great role

Make sure you invest in good equipment, because it surely helps with your technique. Pay attention to the club’s length, because many tend to choose shorter clubs for shorter hole, and longer clubs for longer holes. However, this is not the most relevant aspect and before choosing one, you should consult a specialist.

2. A good grip helps a lot

A good solid grip influences a lot the manner you play. All professional golfers are well aware about that and a good palm placement might work in your advantage. Your gloved and un-gloved hand should ergonomically wrap the cross handle, making it more steady and stable in your hands. Practice a little bit and you will get the drill.

3. Wind can be your ally

While many golfers complain about wind, you must know it isn’t necessary an enemy of yours. If you are witty, you can easily turn it into your ally. Of course, wind changes the coordinates of your bow, but if you position yourself properly, you can turn it into your favour. If you master doing this, your hits will become more pronounced, enabling you to play better.

4. Become a better chipper

Chipping can do a great job for you, although it is not the best looking technique. Chips are the perfect way of turning a game into your favour and they are not even that hard to handle. Just practice and become a considerably more skilled performer!

5. Pre-shot routines work wonders

If you manage to construct a good alignment, chances are you will become a greater player. Poor alignment is the main reason you miss shots, and by improving your pre-shot game you will manage good shots themselves. See what you can work with that and find out what your best pre-shot routine is.

Here are some tips for helping you become a better golf player. These are not difficult tricks, but they can improve you game and value considerably!

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