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Complete guide on physiotherapy

Complete guide on physiotherapy

access_time March 28, 2016

If you are dealing with injuries or health problems involving bones, nerves, tendons or muscles, you should take into consideration

Getting rid of extra weight- challenge accepted

access_time March 13, 2017

  Nowadays, people are trying their best to keep fit and healthy, a thing which is not easy to do

History of Tennis

History of Tennis

access_time December 17, 2012

The history of tennis is long and intricate; while its roots stem in 12th century France in the palm game known as jeu de paume, tennis as we know it today was perfected in 18th and 19th century England.


Street football

access_time January 7, 2016
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There are many people who appreciate pretty much the football games and it seems there is quite no country that doesn’t want to participate in this game competition be it national or international. And since we have plenty of news reporting about this sports game there is no wonder why many persons from teenagers to grown-ups like to play this game in every corner of the streets.

Street football has come to be very popular everywhere today as there is no man who doesn’t want to copy his favorite football player. The best football players we see on T.V. and Internet are becoming real stars even for the kids that want to train themselves from little and later after growing a little more they dream about entering a football league and turn into famous football players. The best way to turn into a good football player a kid can get is to practice the street football.

You should know that you only need a street as playground to play on that should ensure you and your friends with enough space. The team you are making with your friends may not include the exact number of players a professional team usually has. But the thing you should count is to divide the numbers of players into two teams that have the same number of players. The rules you have to stick with usually can get similar to the ones of the professional football but of course you can get some improvisations in them depending on the rules the both teams are agreeing with. You should mark the playing field you want to play your football game on as this way when picking a friend to arbitrate your game he can easily assist the game and give penalties if required. The rules you can set for the errors the players make during the playing can involve some rules a traditional football game has, but you can adapt if you can not expel a player for the repeated errors.

Your game should last a period of time which should be established from the very beginning of your game playing. In the rules you want to set in your how to play street football game you can also include determining the winner of the game by selecting a certain score to be reached. This way you can play as much as you want and stop when the winning score is attributed to your team or the other team. Playing football in the street could be a very pleasant activity for teenagers and kids these days.

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