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European Football

European Football

access_time January 31, 2013

Since it became an official sport in 1863, European football has grown to be the most popular team game played throughout the world, with over 200 countries placing it at the top of their preferences.

How to Play Football

How to Play Football

access_time February 8, 2013

When learning how to play football one must understand the rules of the game, the points system and each of the positions and how they function in the strategy of each game; this and a lot of practice are the key to getting the game.

Calorie counting – dos and don’ts

Calorie counting – dos and don’ts

access_time May 4, 2017

  The first thing you have to understand, before putting yourself on a diet is that you do not have


Stand up paddling secrets you should know

access_time September 19, 2017
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Stand up paddling is a sport that can be practiced by anyone. You can master this sport in less than 3 hours, no matter if you do it on a lake, river or pool. If the term stand up paddling doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s probably because you aren’t a surfing fan. Stand up paddling is kind of like surfing, the only difference being that you use a paddle to propel yourself. It originated in Hawaii (where else?) and its popularity is skyrocketing. Once a simple method of transportation, now stand up paddling is the most popular recreational activity. Maybe you don’t need very much convincing. You have already visited Maipuka and bought yourself a surfboard. But do you know the secrets to stand up paddling surf? Chances are that you don’t. After all, you’re a beginner. Keep on reading for surf secrets.

Build a foundation of surf skills

Until you make your first manoeuvers, you won’t get surfing skills. Breaking waves isn’t as easy as you may think it is. Besides the fact that there is water all around you, you have to pay attention to the speed of the current.  Get your surfboard, and your paddle, and hit the water. Unquestionably, in order to get out there, you will have to paddle. Good thing that you don’t have to use your arms. Catch a wave and decide in what direction you want to go. Learning how to stand up paddle is the most important skill that you can acquire.

Ensure your paddle is the right way

As surprising as it may seem, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the paddle. You will be tempted to scoop the water in front with the paddle, while at the same time trying to maintain your balance and not fall in the water. Experience will show you that that paddle is most effective when you are actually standing up. Not only is the stroke gentle, but you will put less strain on your muscles. Having a vertical position is preferable. The biggest mistake that you can do is use the paddle in the wrong way.

Go stand up paddling with an experienced surfer

It should go without saying that you need an experienced surfer by your side. You don’t have a clue about stand up paddling and there is the risk that you will hurt yourself. If there is a surfer with experience with you, the risk is minimal, as you’ll be thought what to do. You can talk to your friends in this respect. But if you don’t know anyone who’s into surfing? You have no other option but to hire an instructor. Don’t worry? Many people provide lessons in stand up paddle surf and they don’t charge an incredible amount of money.

Knowing all this, you’re good to go. If you’re going to take up this sport, you should do it for the enjoyment and not the competition. Wave-riding is supposed to be fun.

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