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Street soccer

Street soccer

access_time April 16, 2013

The street soccer is the favorite pastime for teenagers and the good thing about this game is that people need to be spontaneous while performing it as there is no planned team strategy issued before starting the game and all players bring the best in them on the street they are playing on.

Flag football

Flag football

access_time July 3, 2016

In comparison with the American football the flag football is safer to play for children and even for adults as this game equation involves using some flags in order to gain points instead of blocking players and this way it eliminates the many accidents and injuries that can occur during playing football.

The secrets to picking wines in race horse betting

access_time March 29, 2017

Very few people win at horse race betting. Why? Because they don’t know how to pick a winning horse. Picking


How to Play Football

access_time February 8, 2013
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Those who wish to know how to play football must first understand the basic rules of the game, but no real achievements can be made without practice and the help of a trainer. A sport like American football can seem difficult and complicated to those that haven’t played it before, or prefer the training type a fitness model practices, but after reading the following facts everything will clear out. Actually the workout of a fitness model and of a football player have many things in common, as they both aim to develop physical fitness, endurance, muscle strength and stamina. The following information is of course for those who know little or nothing about the game and wish to know the basics before starting to practice.

How to Play Football How to Play Football Pictures

One of the most important aspects of understanding how to play football is to know the points system, so you know what each move can get for you. First off, we have the touchdown which occurs when a player holding the ball reaches the end zone on the other team’s territory and is worth six points. The player that achieves a touchdown is allowed to kick the ball once and if he scores the team gets another point. When the player carrying the ball is tackled in his own team’s end zone, the opposing team wins two points; this score is called safety.

Another major part in learning how to play football is to know the names and positions of each player and their part in the game. Each position is in a direct link with other positions and there are moves they can exchange or not. For example, the quarterback receives the ball from the center and can either run with it or pass it to a better placed player. The running back receives the ball from the quarterback on run plays and the same happens with wide receivers on pass plays. As we saw before, the center throws the ball to the quarterback and then protects him against the opposing team’s defense.

The guards are meant to keep the defense out of their backfield while being positioned next to the center. Next to the guards we have the tacklers who are supposed to stop any of the defense players that try to get into the backfield. The linebacker has a defensive role, and so do the defensive lineman, cornerback, free safety and outside linebacker. The kicker is the one to kick the ball at the beginning of a game and after a touchdown. The punter is an offensive player as well, getting to kick the ball if the ball is 4th down.

One cannot learn how to play football without understanding its objective, which is to gather as many points as possible in order to win the game. You should also learn about the penalties and strategies and practice a lot with other players.

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