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Professional tips for making the most out of your golf rangefinder

access_time March 16, 2015

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Golf rules

access_time April 4, 2016
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If you have a passion for golf you should find out that there are some rules and regulations that make this sport to be appreciated by all people and that can help you understand better this sport. The first thing you should find out about this sport is that the golf rules include no referee to assist this game but there are some penalties the golfers who break the rules are given during the game. The standard rules this sport has include some indications about how to play golf that are quite easy to understand and follow if you are an amateur golfer. But either you want to participate in a professional golf tournament or in a golf tournament for amateurs you should know that the best way to be a good golfer is to know the rules of the game and get skilled in golfing.

You should know that this sport is attributed more to men than women and it involves acting in a fair and honest manner towards the other golfers. And the golf etiquette is referring exactly to this behavior you should have on the golf course.

When starting this game you should know you should take part in a certain group and make your shots depending on your turn. Every golfer has a golf bag and a number up to fourteen clubs that he is allowed to carry in his bag.

Basically the player that starts the game is the one that has obtained the lowest score in the previous game. The groups can also commonly agree on the one who should start the game. During the golf playing you should know you can not touch the ball in any way unless it is taken out the hole. Moving the ball in any way while playing means also getting a penalty and this is another thing you should avoid doing. The golf rules though permit you to take away some leaves around your golf ball if the ball has hit a ground with trees on.

Usually you will get two markers to put your tee between them and you should know you are not allowed to put the tee in front of the markers. Also for hitting the ball you can choose to stay in any place advantages you be it inside the teeing area or outside it, but you can not change the markers displacement in any other way they are set.

Among other golf rules you should keep in mind to never hit the ball before it stopped moving on the green and also to avoid hitting the flag sticks while being on the green or putting your ball in other areas that are out of the playing bounds.

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