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Football Teams

access_time January 12, 2013
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Football teams are what we call a group of players playing a specific sport, which is of course football, or variations of it. The arrangement and number of football players in a football team can vary depending on the type of football they are involved in. Football teams are created and thought to either play against an adverse team or to represent a state or country, a football club, or a group.

Some football teams are created only on paper, being like fantasy teams or Dream Teams, where one or more persons creates what they think is the best team with the best football players in a country, or even world-wide. These teams are just hypothetical, so the players never actually meet to play any game.

Fantasy Football is a very popular game, especially in the United States and it consists in a number of people creating a league; each member creates his own fantasy football teams and they compete against each other based on the results of each of their players in real life competitions such as NFL games where some die-hard NFL betting fans can even enjoy a few wagers

As mentioned before, football teams can differ depending on the type of football, the more popular and common being Association football – called soccer in the United States and simply football in Europe –, Gridiron football – also called North American football, which is more commonly played in the United States and Canada –, Gaelic football, Australian football and rugby. Since the rules of playing these games can vary more or less, it is natural that the number of players be diverse as well. In some instances, the expression “football teams” is only used to refer to the actual players on the field, excluding reserves, coaches and so on. Those are sometimes referred to as a football squad.

Sometimes fans of the game and even players themselves refer to a football team as a “football club”. In reality, a football club is an institution which houses not only players and coaches and trainers, but investors, patrons of the team and others. Football clubs are usually well organized, having a president, rules of activity and so on. In Association football and American football – sometimes even flag football –, the number of players required on the field is always eleven. Indoor games like futsal, indoor soccer, arena football and even rugby sevens require the least players, with six, five, eight and respectively seven players for each team. Other teams, like Canadian football, require twelve players; Rugby league teams consist of thirteen players, whereas Rugby union teams have fifteen players, just like Gaelic football. The cherry goes to Australian Rules football, which requires no less than eighteen players for each team.

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