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American Football

American Football

access_time November 19, 2013

Not everybody can play American football professionally, because it is a tough and even bloody sport and it can cause irreversible damage; however, if you are seven feet tall and love shoving other people for the win, this might just be for you.

Football games for kids

Football games for kids

access_time June 2, 2016

When it comes to the football games for kids you should know you have different options for your kids from letting them stay at home and play some amusement online football games on the computer to finding a place where your kids can be trained to learn the rules this game has and put them in practice on a playing field.

A Beginner’s Guide to Weighted Clothing

A Beginner’s Guide to Weighted Clothing

access_time July 24, 2016

Weighted clothing is very popular these days due to the fact that it can help you maximize your results when it comes to your workouts. A beginner's guide to weighted clothing will certainly help you understand exactly why these products are highly recommended, and you will also know what type of item will meet all your needs.


Flag football

access_time July 3, 2016
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For the ones who haven’t yet heard of flag football, they should know this kind of football has in its origins the American football but it has undertaken some modifications regarding the playing rules the participants should follow.

Flag football Flag football pictures

Moreover, children seem to go well with this football game more than with the traditional style as this sport’s rules make almost impossible for the individuals to have physical contact. And this way the injuries that can occur during a football game playing are eliminated from this game equation.

Well, if you wonder which must be the rules the players should follow in playing this game, you should know they refer to some similar rules to the American football but there are some flags that make the players get points and score in their game acting.

In the traditional game the players should pass the defense of the rivals and score in their goal gate, while in the flag football the players should pass the rival obstacles and take the flag from the waist of the opponent in order to score a point.

Even if the rules are the same for each type of such games, the points players can gain can refer to having to take just one flag or more flags that are tied to the waist of the opponent. A more commonly used way for this game is the one involving wearing belts. The belts are coming with one or more flags on and while in some cases scoring a point means taking just one flag off the belt in some other cases scoring means ripping off the belt. The flags that are used for applying to the waist can be one, two, three or even more that these numbers and they can be all in the same color or they can be different colored flags.

The thing you need to know about these flags or about the belt is that they can be easily removed from the belt and respectively from the waist. This thing is important as this way participant can not injury or hurt each other while running on the playing field and ripping off the flags.

But even if the flag football is much safer to play for the kids and even for adults, you should know it requires special clothing and footwear as well. Putting some protection to your elbow and knee is also important as there are some accidents that can happen to you while running fast. This game involves no blocking or tackling to the ground the opponents, instead the players should have athletic skills in running fast on the field with the ball in their hands and ensuring no one grabs the flags from their waist.

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