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Baseball equipment

Baseball equipment

access_time September 6, 2016

When it comes to baseball you should know many accidents and injuries can happen to the baseball players and to avoid bad things from happening the best way is to use protective baseball equipment that refers to putting on the appropriate attire and slip resistant shoes that can ensure you with precise movement.

Tips for becoming a great golfer

Tips for becoming a great golfer

access_time December 30, 2016

  Golf is such a great game! Intense and providing many health benefits, stimulating the problem solving skills and the

Steps to build a beginner workout program

Steps to build a beginner workout program

access_time July 12, 2017

  If you are a personal trainer, you know that every new client is different, and they have special requirements


Crossfit Risks and Benefits

access_time August 28, 2017
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In the 15 years since it was created, Crossfit has grown into a global phenomenon, giving birth to the largest gym chain in history. More and more people are turning to this type of workout, and all for different reasons. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle mass, some want to be more flexible and some just want to be healthy. Well, Crossfit promises to deliver results in all these areas. Stay with us if you want to learn whether or not these claims are real, and if there are any risks that you should be aware of.

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Crossfit benefits

  • Versatile workout – The reason why Crossfit delivers such great results is because it combines the best of cardio, weight training and gymnastics. Choosing to practice only one of these workouts will only deliver one type of result. Cardio will only help you burn fat, weight training will only help you gain muscle mass, and gymnastics will only improve your balance and flexibility. However, if you want to lose weight, tone your body, build some lean muscles and have a better control over your body, Crossfit can help you achieve all these goals.
  • Fast results – This is a high intensity workout. It will drain the life out of you, but it will deliver results faster than any other type of workout. For those of you who easily lose motivation, this workout is great for seeing regular results and staying motivated.
  • Health benefits – Due to the fact that this is a high intensity workout, it keeps your heart elevated from the beginning till the end of the workout. This improves the health of your heart, its resistance in particular. Moreover, the combination of different types of exercises is great for increased joint mobility.


  • Injury risks – All sorts of exercises have an injury risk, but Crossfit seems to be somewhat riskier than other workouts. This is due to the high intensity nature of these workouts. The “no pain, no gain” saying is very common among Crossfit enthusiasts, but real pain should never be part of a workout. New trainees are more exposed to the risk of injury, because their bodies are not prepared for the intensity of such a workout. To avoid injury, make sure to go to a certified Crossfit Gym. Finding one shouldn’t be difficult, since this is the largest gym chain in the world. For example, if you live in LA, just search the web for Crossfit Los Angeles, and you will surely find something within a reasonable distance. However, even when attending a certified gym, keep in mind that the instructor can never know when you are experiencing discomfort and when you are experiencing actual pain. So, it is up to you to be responsible and prevent injuries.
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