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Tennis tips

Tennis tips

access_time February 4, 2013

If you want to know which the tennis tips for beginners are, then you should know that the body positioning on the court is crucial along with making some improvements in your mobility and flexibility by practicing some sprint and food drill exercises that should make your hitting technique better.

Stand up paddling secrets you should know

Stand up paddling secrets you should know

access_time September 19, 2017

  Stand up paddling is a sport that can be practiced by anyone. You can master this sport in less

Post orthopaedic surgery recovery in athletes

Post orthopaedic surgery recovery in athletes

access_time April 29, 2015

Sports injuries are one of the most common problems that athletes encounter and proper treatment is essential if they want


Calorie counting – dos and don’ts

access_time May 4, 2017
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The first thing you have to understand, before putting yourself on a diet is that you do not have to lose weight, but you have to lose fat. The majority of people call it weight loss, but you do not want to lose your muscles, if you want to have a thinner body. You should lose fat, and for doing so, you should start counting calories. It is important to have a plan from the beginning, because in this way, you will know how many calories you can eat every day, and what aliments you can include in your diet. However, it can be difficult to count calories in the right way, with the various blogs you find online, because they state different things. Well, in this situation it is advisable to check a professional website that offers details on losing weight and calorie counting. There you will find articles on subjects that seem to conflict on the information offered and on subjects which are not covered enough.  

Why is calorie counting popular?

The majority of people find counting calories easier than understanding the effect food has on their bodies. Calories have an important role in the process of losing weight, but it is important to combine it with sport. Studies show that different diets, based on the same amount of calories, but with different proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat, can have different results. Therefore, it all depends on your body.

Is it hard to keep count?

Well, the majority of people state that it is quite difficult to count calories accurately. However, with the right help you can do it. Many people have the tendency to miscount what they eat, and they have no idea how many calories they need. So if you find yourself in this position, then it is advisable to check the information offered by a professional website as Fitness Savvy, because there you will read articles covering multiple subjects. You will find all the details you need to know on the same website, without having to check multiple resources. They produce content on nutrition and fitness, exactly what you need when you want to lose weight. Also, you will have the possibility to compare prices for supplements, fitness equipment and sportswear.

How many calories should you eat?

An average man needs 2000 every day calories to lose one pound per week, and 2500 calories to maintain his weight. An average woman needs 1500 every day calories to lose one pound a week and 2000 calories to maintain her weight. However, the number of calories you need to take is influenced by different factors as, your height, age, current weight, metabolic health and activity level

How can you reduce calorie intake without starving yourself

The first thing you have to do is to eat more protein because it will reduce your appetite and will cut the cravings. Also, it will increase the amount of calories you burn, because it requires energy to metabolise. You should exclude from your diet sugary soft drinks and even fruit juices. Some studies show that sugary drinks lead to an increased risk of obesity, so you should stay away from them. Another simple trick is to drink more water, if you want to lose weight. If you drink 2 litres of water daily, you will be able to burn more than 96 calories daily. Alongside with keeping a diet and calorie counting, it is important to lift weights and do some exercise. You should consider doing some exercises at home, hitting the gym or doing cardio like jogging, walking or swimming. And last but not least, cutting carbs is an amazing way to lose weight, and it has great benefits for your health.

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