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Hybrid golf rangefinders – hot or not?

Hybrid golf rangefinders – hot or not?

access_time July 22, 2015

Until recently, golf players who wanted to invest in a rangefinder had two options: laser or GPS. Each one has

Soccer Games for Kids

Soccer Games for Kids

access_time December 22, 2012

Soccer games for kids are great extracurricular and after-school activities because it helps them develop healthily while keeping them from more potentially-damaging activities like spending too much time in front of the television or computer.

History of Baseball

History of Baseball

access_time August 8, 2013

Those who wish to learn about the history of baseball will be perhaps confounded to learn that the bases of this American national sport are actually traced back to bat-and-ball games in eighteenth-century England and Ireland.


5 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

access_time August 2, 2016
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Runners are ambitious people who want to take care of their body so they create a daily routine that helps them stay focused and motivated. This routine creates some habits that become like the second nature of runners and help them set goals and achieve them.

They get up early in the morning to run

Those who run often know that the morning is the best moment of the day for a jog because the energy levels and the testosterone levels are at peak. When it’s time to run, motivated runners don’t let the alarm clock snooze but they get up, get dressed, and get running. Running in the morning helps them stay active all day and their chances of losing weight and gaining muscle mass are higher. Also, the streets are less crowded in the morning so they enjoy more comfort and safety while running.

Motivated runners drink plenty of water

Whenever you see someone running, you will notice that they have a bottle of water with them and that they take small sips from time to time. Drinking water helps them stay hydrated and protects them from exertion while aiding the blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain. Many runners prefer to drink alkaline water because it provides a better and faster hydration and balances the electrolytic levels of the body.

They track their progress with fitness trackers

One of the most useful habits of motivated runners is to wear a fitness tracker during their entire running session. This gadget allows them to monitor their progress in order to set and reach bigger goals. If you analyze some fitness trackers ratings, you will see that some of these devices can even help you monitor your heart rate so you won’t be at risk of heart damage due to the intense effort.

According to the latest fitness trackers ratings, some fitness trackers also monitor the blood pressure, aside from tracking the sleep and the calories burned while running. As you can see, these devices are very useful. Some are quite expensive so read reviews and compare different trackers in order to find the most convenient one.

Motivated runners alternate running speeds

In order to get the highest benefits from their running sessions, runners alternate various speeds so their body doesn’t get used to one single speed and relax. If they would stick to one running type, there would be no strain on the muscles so they wouldn’t work in order to become bigger and stronger. Alternating running speeds increases strength and endurance and makes running a more entertaining experience. Using the best rated exercise bikes can come in handy during a runner’s exercise routine because these machines have various running patterns that can help the user add diversity to their workouts. Plus, they can be used indoors so training can occur at any time.

They warm up before a run

People who exercise on a daily basis know the importance of a good warm up so they never miss it before running. By preparing their body through some mild stretching, runners make sure they won’t damage their muscles and they increase the efficiency of their body workout. At least 10 minutes of stretching prior to running is part of the motivated runners’ habits.

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